What is the ADD Mac Study Bible® license?
MAC Study Bible
® and PC Study Bible® for existing BIBLESOFT Customers!
The ADD MAC Study Bible® license is the ability to add the same library you already own for your PC computer to your MAC computer without the need to purchase a complete new library for your MAC platform. Thus, you can save money on your new MAC Study Bible® software!

To qualify for ADD MAC Study Bible® pricing, YOU MUST ALREADY OWN a current updated version of one of the following PC Study Bible® VERSION 5 Libraries:

•   PC Study Bible® Professional Reference Library (PRL 5)
          •   PC Study Bible® Complete Reference Library (CRL 5)
            •   PC Study Bible® New Reference Library (NRL 5)

(Important, you must have a the actual standalone full V5 library, and not a V3 or V4 Library with the Version 5 Engine only. If you are not sure what version you have, you MUST CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE via email: cs@biblesoft.com before attempting to purchase the ADD MAC Study Bible license.)

The ADD MAC Study Bible® license allows you to add MAC Study Bible
® to your MAC computer/laptop and RETAIN use of your PC Study Bible® software for continued use on your existing PC. You will receive the MAC Study Bible® without the requirement to remove PC Study Bible® from your existing PC computer/laptop. The ADD MAC Study Bible® license is only available for EXACT MATCH library versions (i.e.: PC PRL/MAC PRL) and is NOT APPLICABLE to mixed libraries (i.e.: PC/NRL to MAC/CRL, or other combinations) or for libraries that have been discontinued (i.e.: PC/ARL to MAC/PRL, etc.). The ADD MAC Study Bible® license permits installation on two PC computers and two MAC computers.

Please note:
     PC Study Bible® and MAC Study Bible® are sold as stand alone programs.  BIBLESOFT® does NOT have a PC/MAC Study Bible
® option that permits users to install the software on EITHER their PC or their MAC from a single download/disk purchase.

Click here to learn more about the "Multi-Platform Version" which IS available to NEW users as a bundled product at a discount.

Reference Library

ADD MAC Study Bible® Edition
Reference Library

ADD MAC Study Bible® Edition
Reference Library

ADD MAC Study Bible® Edition

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YES!, these 3 MAC Study Bible® software libraries (powered by BIBLESOFT's® award-winning PC Study Bible® Version 5.2 software engine) ARE ELIGIBLE FOR DIRECT UPGRADE PRICING whenever you may decide to move to the highly anticipated OneTouch® version. Further, "NEW" and "ADD" MAC Study Bible® customers will receive a "dollar-for-dollar" OneTouch® upgrade credit voucher (which has no expiration date) when purchasing this MAC version. Basically, you can begin using MAC Study Bible® now and save money being able to upgrade direct to the MAC platform OneTouch® version when it is released! Those PC Study Bible® customers who have already upgraded their current PC version software prior to converting to this Version 5.2 MAC Study Bible® will be able to upgrade to the new MAC platform OneTouch® series software using their previously issued PC Study Bible® "dollar for dollar" credit voucher. (Saving your current PC credit voucher for redemption on the new OneTouch® series software will result in maximum benefit.)  Please note: ONLY these three (3) Libraries (PRL, CRL, NRL) will be available in the New OneTouch® software series. If you need help converting earlier versions or other libraries prior to purchasing MAC Study Bible®, please contact BIBLESOFT®  via email for the fastest response: cs@biblesoft.com 
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User License Disclaimer: Purchase of a PC Study Bible® or MAC Study Bible® software library is for a SINGLE user ONLY.
The license allows the software to be used on two (2) computers for the purpose of being able to access your software at home, on the go or at work.
Use by more than one individual per license is strictly prohibited per BIBLESOFT's® licensing contracts.
Please contact BIBLESOFT® for multi-user options: ds@biblesoft.com