Put the Power of BIBLESOFT's Award-Winning PC Study Bible®
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Reference Library
Reference Library
Reference Library

BIBLESOFT's® most comprehensive
collection of reference material and
Bible version offerings are included
 in this PRL program!
Read More!

If you are serious about studying
the scriptures and the reference
works of many of the world's top
scholars and commentators, this
study tool will help make it
easier for you!

When you want more than just
the basics at your fingertips for
studying the Bible, this CRL version
will get you on the way to a
complete study program with many
of the versions of the Bible that
serious students trust! Read More!

The commentaries and reference
works featured herein are
Studying the Bible has never been
easier with this NRL version of the
program! Tap into some of the most
popular Bibles and reference works
which those who are serious about
learning and sharing more about
God's word also use to increase
their knowledge! Read More!

Stay tuned for a new Light Series®
that is designed as a simple starter

There are 3 ways to purchase MAC Study Bible® . . .
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1 NEW to BIBLESOFT's PC/MAC Study Bible®
Simply click on one of the Reference Libraries above and discover what each has to offer you in your quest for studying and sharing God's word! The difference is the amount of reference materials and Bible versions included with the program. You can always add to the library you select from BIBLESOFT's® vast collection of reference works offered through our web store, or by upgrading to a higher library as you continue to grow in your study. Since 1988, BIBLESOFT's® PC Study Bible® has always been known for being EASY to use and ECONOMICAL to acquire! Now, MAC platform users can enjoy the benefits our loyal PC customers have come to depend on with our most popular and longstanding Version 5.2 engine! Read More! (If you are new to PC/MAC Study Bible and want to purchase a bundled version for use on BOTH a MAC computer and a PC computer simultaneously, please click the library of your choice above and select "Multi-Platform Bundle".)
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2 CONVERT from PC Study Bible® to MAC Study Bible® 
As a loyal PC Study Bible® customer who has changed from the PC to MAC platform, you can save by CONVERTING your current PC version to MAC Study Bible® at a reduced price.  Plus for a limited time, when you select the conversion option you will receive a FREE MAC custom build of your add-on reference works and other materials you would have purchased from BIBLESOFT® through the years which converts those works from PC to MAC−a $99 value savings! Please understand that to qualify for the "conversion" rate, you must remove PC Study Bible® software from your PC computer/laptop. You may not transfer the PC version or any disks to another user.  Read More!
3 ADD MAC Study Bible®
Should you want to ADD MAC Study Bible® to your MAC computer/laptop and RETAIN use of your PC Study Bible® software for continued use on your existing PC, you will be able to purchase the MAC Study Bible® as an additional standalone program at a reduced rate! You will receive MAC Study Bible® without the requirement to remove PC Study Bible® from your existing PC computer/laptop. Plus, you will have the option to convert your current Add-On Reference Works previously purchased for your PC Study Bible® to MAC format for use on your MAC Study Bible®, too! Read More! Important: This option is open to current PC Study Bible® users only. (BIBLESOFT® does NOT have a PC/MAC Study Bible® option that permits users to install the software on either their PC or their MAC from a single download/disk purchase. PC Study Bible® and MAC Study Bible® are sold separately. The "Multi-Platform Version" is available to new users as a bundled product at a discount.)
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YES!, these 3 MAC Study Bible® software libraries (powered by BIBLESOFT's® award-winning PC Study Bible® Version 5.2 software engine) ARE ELIGIBLE FOR DIRECT UPGRADE PRICING whenever you may decide to move to the highly anticipated OneTouch® version. Further, "NEW" and "ADD" MAC Study Bible® customers will receive a "dollar-for-dollar" OneTouch® upgrade credit voucher (which has no expiration date) when purchasing this MAC version. Basically, you can begin using MAC Study Bible® now and save money being able to upgrade direct to the MAC platform OneTouch® version when it is released! Those PC Study Bible® customers who have already upgraded their current PC version software prior to converting to this Version 5.2 MAC Study Bible® will be able to upgrade to the new MAC platform OneTouch® series software using their previously issued PC Study Bible® "dollar for dollar" credit voucher. (Saving your current PC credit voucher for redemption on the new OneTouch® series software will result in maximum benefit.)  Please note: ONLY these three (3) Libraries (PRL, CRL, NRL) will be available in the New OneTouch® software series. If you need help converting earlier versions or other libraries prior to purchasing MAC Study Bible®, please contact BIBLESOFT®  via email for the fastest response: cs@biblesoft.com 
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User License Disclaimer: Purchase of a PC Study Bible® or MAC Study Bible® software library is for a SINGLE user ONLY.
The license allows the software to be used on two (2) computers for the purpose of being able to access your software at home, on the go or at work.
Use by more than one individual per license is strictly prohibited per BIBLESOFT's® licensing contracts.
Please contact BIBLESOFT® for multi-user options: ds@biblesoft.com